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Brandon Graham: Day One

Here's a comic I did about my last week.

Hi Comics Journal.

Last week I went to Portland to be part of the judging panel for the Stumptown awards. I'm always wary of whether awards in comics are a great idea. No way to avoid all the nepotism and bullshit. This was my test run and I had a good time and got to hang out with cool people and read comics, so it's hard to complain. I was thinking at best the awards could be used to get some attention to some unsung cartoonists who I think are doing great work.

I got to go to Cosmic Monkey Comics while I was down there.

Mr Zack Soto (of Secret Voice and studygroup12 fame) was working the counter, and that's my pal Joe Keatinge who was feeding and clothing me while I was in town:

Cosmic Monkey's walls are lined with monkey drawings. Here are two by my pals Corey Lewis (Sharknife) and Ludroe, a childhood friend of mine that did a back-up comic in my King City #11:

While I was there I got some comics.

This Starkfuture comic I had as a kid. It's drawn by Steven Hughes who later went on to do Lady Death. (I like this a lot more.) Wild Things is a nicely drawn John Workman comic. Before this I'd mostly only seen his lettering --like on Paul Pope's Vertigo work.

Soto insisted that I get the Bakune Young manga, and I made him write "IOU AWESUM" on the cover and sign the shit. That nonsense scribble he called a signature won't stand up in comic-book court.

I got the Manara book downtown at Powell's books. It was 7 clams. At the same place they had Moebius books for 60 and 75 $. It's too bad, I think the people that need to be seeing good Moebius science fiction the most are 15-year-olds who can't afford that ish.

Here's a face I made out of sushi :

And some more photos I took in town. Always nice to see someone using Bode characters to vandalize a town. On the right is a giant lobster monster that was attacking the city (probably pissed about the price of Moebius books). 

And then I got on a train(bus) and went home.


I drew how I was woken up the next morning my my dear sweet lady Marian:

This bastard was outside my window:

Me and Marian went out to this French bakery that she's all about. Baguette and Company. We got coffee and I got a chocolate-filled thing covered in chocolate.

Marian had a croissant made out of the souls of baby kittens.

I owe Mr Richard Starkings a cover for his Elephantmen comic. Here's the pencils I sent him a couple weeks ago:

To figure out the perspective I taped another piece of paper to it and made a dot on it.

I like drawing these big-city drawings, I can just put on an audio book and doodle. I've been listening to Robert Heinlein's Friday.

And here's a page from my own comic I penciled around the same time. It's a Russian fantasy werewolf thing called Multiple Warheads. Oni Press is putting it out as soon as I finish 4 issues. This is page 95.

 I've been alphabetizing the chapters. This one is L, so I did the panels in an L shape.

I also went over to my pal Claire's place and watched the shitty Twilight movies. Man, vampires are so played out.

Brandon Graham is the creator of
King City and Multiple Warheads.