Today on the site:

Brandon Soderberg joins TCJ with a review of the great Canadian graphic novella Streakers. I learned about this one last year at TCAF -- a real treat. And Tom Scioli brings the Barbarian with Day 4 of his diary.

Frank Santoro Alert: Our man will be live on Inkstuds This thursday at 3pm PST, 6pm EST. You can listen live at Robin McConnell is encouraging call-in questions: 604-822-2487!

And elsewhere online...

Swiped from Kate Beaton's Twitter feed -- a generous blog from Eleanor Davis. On other blogs, Ryan Cecil Smith has a great bit on Charles Addams and here's five fine Victorian comic strips. Not comics, but relevant, writer Steven Johnson on e-books and reading onscreen. Here's a prime Western comic book featuring work by the late John Severin (and the always underrated Joe Maneely), via Tom Spurgeon. More olden comics comes from Matt Seneca on Joe Kubert's Hawkman.

And finally, a very funny review of the movie The Vow from Lisa Hanawalt. I never thought Rachel McAdams could top that time travel romance, but now...