Short and To the Point, Man.

Hello there. We're looking forward to seeing you at The Strand Friday at 7 pm. Watch me and Tim grill Gary Groth, while Kim Deitch valiantly defends us against his taunts. It will be a ball. Bring your questions about arcane TCJ history and we (by we, I mean Gary) will attempt to answer them.

And now, your links for the day:

* I'm pretty sure this means that Frank Santoro has finally been tapped to star as Batman.

* Tom Devlin reports back from WonderCon. Tom looks healthier and more distinguished each year while I grow haggard. Is it Montreal? All those John Stanley comics? His loving partner and children? Oh, whatever. I don't like it. Not one bit.

* Burp the Twerp. Yes. A reason to go on.

* Dan Zettwoch almost makes me care about baseball via these awesome buttons.

* Over at the Village Voice we learn about comics and money. It's about as depressing as you think, but also oddly... incomplete. However, it provided a nifty handout for my Cartooning major students yesterday. D&Q snagged a since deleted response from Mimi Pond, which is priceless.

* Barely comics: Mark Newgarden alerted me that our beloved S.S. Adams novelty company building has gone up for sale. We visited it long ago, when there were still remnants of fake doggy do to be found. Hard to believe a place so beautiful gave the world such unrelenting mania.

On the site:

-Jeet Heer returns with more thoughts on race and comics.

See at MoCCA, though I'll be wearing my other hat.