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Joe McCulloch wants you to know what new comics sound interesting this week, and he's here to tell you. Alex Toth and I.N.J. Culbard titles loom large.


—Ben Towle wants us to stop relying so heavily on film terminology when discussing comics. ["When we talk about and think about comics using film terminology, we’re not only confining ourselves to only engaging with certain aspects of the medium, but (for those of us who make comics) we’re confining ourselves to only telling stories in certain ways."]

Twenty-five years of King-Cat!

—Rob Clough reviews minicomics by Sumida, Alexander, and Shively.

—Johanna Draper-Carlson notices some confusing aspects to the way the Diamond Previews catalog has chosen to celebrate "Women in Comics Month."

—Ed Piskor channels Rob Liefeld.

—Only Comics If You Squint. How Akira Kurosawa used storyboarding to refine his ideas.