Between the Panels

Today, as is traditional for Tuesdays, Joe McCulloch is here with his usual guide to the most interesting-sounding new releases in comics stores. His highlights for this week include Aisha Franz's Earthling and a collection of Al Feldstein's 1940s teen humor comics.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—Interviews. Bob Temuka interviewed Dylan Horrocks. Alex Dueben talks to Tim Lane. Megan Purdy talks to MariNaomi. Rob Kirby talks to Max Clotfelter. Salon talks to Grant Morrison. Comics Alliance talks to Box Brown.

—Best of Lists. Whit Taylor picks her favorite graphic novels of 2014. Robert Boyd picks his favorite comics of the year. Brian Nicholson picks his top ten online comics of the year.

—News. Seth Kushner has posted a very welcome Facebook status update.

The Wow Cool alternative comics store in Cupertino, California was burglarized.

—Reviews & Commentary. Chris Mautner reviews The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio. Dana Jennings at the New York Times reviews the same book and the latest volume of the Complete Peanuts. Brigid Alverson reviews the deluxe edition of Tove Jansson's Moomin comics. Carla Kaplan at the New York Times turns in the latest in a long line of reviews of Jill Lepore's Secret History of Wonder Woman.

Cathy G. Johnson has a provocative take on a recent Mike Dawson strip.

Zainab Akhtar wades into the recent contentious debate over Lizz Hickey's online strip about crowdfunding (the eternal subject).