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Harvey on Rall, and more. Continue reading


Foxy Grandpa

Today, Dan writes about a slew of comics he’s read recently, including work by Aidan Koch, Anya Davidson, Benjamin Marra, Heather Benjamin, S. Clay Wilson, and Hugo Pratt, among others. Here’s an excerpt, in which he reviews the new anthology, … Continue reading


Visible Ink

Mok talks to Mai, and lots of news. Continue reading



McCulloch on Eichhorn, Clough on Stein, more. Continue reading


Textured Paper Backgrounds

Maggie Umber, Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, and more. Continue reading


Kid. Scram.

Yumi Sakugawa, Kate Beaton, and more. Continue reading



A lost Clowes interview from 1995, plus more. Continue reading


Whole Lot of Preening Going On These Days, Not So Much Substance

Cynthia Rose on classic Belgian comics, and more. Continue reading