Another Opens

Welcome back from Labor Day. Joe McCulloch is here with his usual guide to the week's most interesting-sounding new comics, but first he reviews the new comics app from Alan Moore & co., Electricomics.

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

—Reviews & Commentary. Josh Bayer writes about Benjamin Marra's Terror Assaulter: O.M.W.O.T.

Andrew Rilstone reviews selections from the entire run of Captain America, from 1941 to 2002, in three posts.

—Misc. The New Yorker has a preview of Cole Closser's Black Rat. I really enjoyed his previous book.

Tom Hart has posted a preview trailer of Rosalie Lightning.

—Interviews & Profiles. Will Wellington has a short interview with Michael DeForge.

William Cardini was a guest on Inkstuds.

Hannah Means Shannon talked to Alan Moore about Electricomics.