Ancient Sorceries

Today, Rob Clough reviews an anthology of comics from female Polish cartoonists, imaginatively titled Polish Female Comics: Double Portrait.


—Howard Chaykin wrote a candid remembrance of Carmine Infantino ("There was no greater animosity in that generation than the one that existed between Gil [Kane] and Carmine") for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

—The Doug Wright Awards has started a series of posts introducing readers to their nine nominated artists. First up is Ethan Rilly.

—Brigid Alverson at Robot 6 talks to Darryl Cunningham.

—Paul Pope draws a short comic about his favorite books.

—Michel Fiffe picks out some of his favorite comic-book fight scenes.

—The satirical website and Twitter account That Comics Blogger has apparently decided to close up shop after the end of Comics Alliance, and offers up reasons why here.