Almost There

Tuesday means Joe McCulloch and his weekly guide to the most intriguing-looking new releases available through the comics direct market—plus, if you're lucky, an enthusiastic mini-essay about a semi-obscure piece of comics history.


—Podcasts. For the 500th episode of Inkstuds, and Frank Santoro, Brandon Graham, and David Brothers are guests. Also, Gil Roth interviews comics historian/curator/etc. Paul Gravett.

—Misc. A fifth Paul Karasik report from Angoulême. Tim O'Shea selects and presents some pages from Dustin Harbin's sketchbook. Dark Horse's announcement of a volume to raise medical funds for Stan Sakai and his family reminded me that it's probably not a bad idea to remind people about the ongoing CAPS-sponsored fundraiser for the same purpose.

And you might also be interested to know that in the past few weeks, two more years of TCJ back issues have been added to our online archives, which you can now subscribe to through a digital subscription.