A Mile End

Well, it's looking like Tuesday, and for the first time since 1922 there is no "This Week in Comics" from Joe McCulloch. Joe would like his faithful readers to know that his absence is due to his being trapped in a swamp in Louisiana, but that we shouldn't worry about him. He'll be fine.

But on the site today we have Nicole Rudick's interview with the great Diane Noomin, whose collection of thirty years of her stories, Glitz-2-Go, is out now and a great read.

Elsewhere all around:

TCJ-contributor Chris Mautner on why he isn't seeing The Avengers.

Timothy Callahan has a MoCCA Festival round-up with a list of promising new books.

There are some very psychedelic and deeply strange Edgar Allen Poe illustrations by the pulp artist Harry Clarke over at 50 Watts.

Design and illustration historian Steve Heller is interviewed at Design Matters.

And finally, just what you've always wanted: Early Dave Berg!