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Adventures Into Archives

Shock! Tom Shapira plunges into the inky depths of reprint editions of old horror comics. EC! Warren! Atlas! Find out what sets them apart, and what pulls Tom apart, in this ghastly gallivant.

Yoshiharu Tsuge

Yoshiharu Tsuge’s Vagabond Rapists, 1968-1972

From 1968-72, the comics of Yoshiharu Tsuge were awash in surreal, dreamlike texture – and filled with images of sexual violence. Helen Chazan reads deeply to reconcile these elements of Tsuge’s work into a new statement of his oeuvre-spanning theme: the desire to vanish.

Carson Grubaugh

Adult Comics

A reader of comics since the days of EC and MAD in the 1950s, Bob Levin now grapples with the idea of AI comics, through a book that purports to critique AI by using it.

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