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Deny It To A King – This Week’s Links

Received wisdom tells you that the news is delivered today by video game professionals narrating from the corner of an eye. But here is the primal news; the ancient, powerful news. To click this link to is plunge one’s hands into the Earth.

Jason Novak

Jason Novak: Day Five

It’s Friday, and for Jason’s final TCJ installment, the subject is RAGE. Repressed rage, silent rage, grocery store rage, impatience-driven rage – they all make an appearance! Step on in… it’s Diary time!

Jason Novak

Jason Novak: Day Four

One way to grapple with parental issues? Put them down on pen and paper – and if you’re a creative type, make it drawing. Today, Jason tackles that theory with someone who has put it to practice!


Outbox 2

Tom Herpich returns with another heroic stack of recent reads, ranging from post-underground fantasies to French alt-comics to autobio of an unexpected type.

Jason Novak

Jason Novak: Day One

If you’re launching a talk show, people will tune in out of curiosity. And if you turn your first guest into a cat? Well, that’s how you ensure a ratings bonanza. A new Diary begins!

Lily Renee

Lily Renée Phillips, 1921-2022

The underground cartoonist and comics historian Trina Robbins presents an appreciation of Lily Renée, a Holocaust survivor well-remembered by Golden Age enthusiasts for her 1940s fantasy/SF and adventure strips for Fiction House.

Paul Coker Jr.

Paul Coker Jr., 1929-2022

Andrew Farago presents a heartfelt tribute to Paul Coker Jr., a pro’s pro of comics and animation, with comments by MAD colleagues and prominent admirers alike, and dozens of images spanning his entire career.

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