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Simon Deitch, 1947-2022

Remembering the late underground cartoonist: a complicated natural talent, and a child of 20th century American pop culture.

Tim Sale

The Tim Sale Interview

In this 2008 interview from TCJ #291, Joseph McCabe talked to Tim Sale about the latter’s art for Batman: The Long Halloween, drawing the Marvel “Color” series (although he’s colorblind), providing drawings for the TV show Heroes and more.


Drawing American Comics the Marvel Way

You may know Natsume Fusanosuke the writer, but how about Natsume Fusanosuke the artist? In this new translation of segments from a 1993 book, Natsume recalls an encounter with that classic American text, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way… and then he draws the Marvel Way.

Tim Sale

Tim Sale, 1956-2022

Remembering one of the defining artists of prestige superhero comics from the last 30 years, an intelligent and vivid stylist who rendered age-old characters with rare warmth. Tim Sale died on June 16.

Kyo Machiko

The Enigmatic, The Essential… Kyo Machiko

Manga artist Kyo Machiko is a true 21st century talent, moving fluidly from social media cartooning to traditional magazine serialization. Now, in the era of COVID, she has begun a series of bilingual books depicting the mysteries of the everyday. Matthew Hill presents an interview with the artist, followed by excerpts from her newest book, Essential My #stayhome Diary 2021-2022.

Justin Green

Remembering Justin Green

An extraordinary group of artists, friends and admirers has been gathered by John Kelly to pay tribute to the great Justin Green, one of the most influential and powerful storytellers of the underground generation.

Neal Adams

The 1974 Neal Adams interview

In this pre-Journal Word Balloons fanzine interview, Neal Adams talks to Martin Pasko about drawing character expression, the Marvel method, and his take on artists such as Gil Kane, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Joe Kubert.

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