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10 Cent Museum

Funny Book Round Up

Congratulations, you’re in for a lucky-number-seven capsule reviews of all sorts of comics. Recent, good superhero comics! Small-press erotic comics! Decades-old alternative comics! Extremely unhappy commercial Japanese comics! Austin English brings you everything under the sun, and you should thank him.

Bill Maudlin

Another Look At Bill Mauldin

There’s never a bad time to talk about Bill Mauldin, but it’s especially a good time when you’ve got a whole bushel of Maulidin trivia, history and gossip to share thanks to Bob tracking down a copy of 2020’s Drawing Fire: The Editorial Cartoons of Bill Mauldin.


November Rain – This Week’s Links

Nobody is ever going to fix my roof; water is just going to keep dripping in until the rainy season passes. Luckily, the supply chain has not disrupted the delivery of these links – digital insulation to warm your soul.

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