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Yeong-shin Ma, translated by Janet Hong

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Retail Therapy

Wig Shop

Jeff Alford, the human being behind Wig Shop, shares how his retail journey as a cool website featuring comics he likes and wants to get behind has transitioned from a fun hobby to a legitimate business over the last few years.

Lucca Comics & Games 2022

What’s it like attending the second-largest comics show on Earth? Valerio Stivé reports from Lucca Comics & Games 2022… the “Comics” part, at least.

Drew Ford

Drew Ford, 1974-2022

Remembering a dedicated cartoonist, editor and publisher, responsible for some of the most idiosyncratic and rewarding reprint projects of the last 10 years. Drew Ford died on October 2.

Ashley Wood

It Doesn’t Not Make Sense

Tegan O’Neil is back, and today she’s looking at recent works from artist Ashley Wood – one of the singular talents to emerge from genre comics’ rough late ’90s, who’s carved a place in the wider popular culture.

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