Afternoon Summer

Today on the site, Robert Boyd brings us a review of the comics-themed Cometbus 57.

Aaron Cometbus has been creating his zine,Cometbus, since 1981. He’s best known for his writing about punk rock—he was an early participant in the East Bay scene—and his hand-lettered text.  Despite the conceptual proximity of zines and small press comics, Cometbus has never covered comics all that much or featured them. One exception was issue 39 from 1997, which was done completely by punk rock cartoonist Bobby Madness (and it was great—Madness hasn’t gotten the due he deserves).

What makes his latest issue unusual is that it’s all about comics. The subject is a series of 14 interviews with cartoonists and people in the comics world in New York City. Cometbus, who is originally from Berkeley, apparently lives in New York now and is evidently familiar with many of his interview subjects socially.


Mould Map 6 has been announced, and this time it's an exhibition, not a book. Sounds great. 

Over on Patreon, Chester Brown strongly disagreed with my take on Pascin.

Here's a tour of a great-looking comic art exhibition in Frankfurt.

Here I am with Dash Shaw last week, talking about Cosplayers: