Sincerest Form?

Today we have:

Rob Kirby on Shirtlifter #5

There is a wide variety of gay male comics to choose from these days: erotica, humor, sometimes a combination of the two, and an increasing selection of fantasy- and genre-based titles, not to mention idiosyncratic offerings like the “Disco Grindcore” romantic comedy of Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf series. Inhabiting its own little niche is the quiet, compelling realist drama of Steve MacIsaac’s Shirtlifter series, which combines literary qualities with explicit sexual content, and examines how contemporary gay men live their lives.

MacIsaac debuted Shirtlifter in 2006, after winning the Prism Queer Press grant. He went on to publish the second issue with the help of a Xeric grant in 2007. With the third issue released in 2008, he began serializing his graphic novel Unpacking, the concluding chapters of which make up the bulk of this fifth issue. (In the interest of full disclosure, Steve and I are friends and colleagues; he has contributed work to several recent queer comics anthologies I have edited.)


And elsewhere there is all this:

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This CAA decision regarding fair use is good news for comics scholars.

Finally, a belated congrats to Jim Rugg and Ed Piskor on their Eisner awards. Those guys are comic book lifers who really deserve recognition and success. Here's some more Ed.