Country Club Sales

Hi, it's Thursday. Frank Santoro is here with a post about old comics that just won't sell, darnit!

I have certain comic books for sale that just won’t sell. Ever. No matter how much I slash prices. I can’t give ‘em away!

Yet many of these comics are good. Or have a good page or two in them. They’re worth keeping around just for conversation sake. I call them “clunkers”. I can’t sell them but I can’t bring myself to throw them out.

You see comics like this over and over again in the back issue bins. The same ones. A certain era–1983 to 1992–is always well represented in almost every comics shop in North America. (Was it because they overprinted runs back then?) Most folks flip right by these clunkers because they look like garbage–and they usually are. However, some of them are worth a second look. Here are 9 of them.


Tom Spurgeon interviews Lucy Shelton Caswell.

A look at Jack Kirby's great 2001 comic.

This is so nuts looking that I can't resist linking to it.

Elfquest: The Conceptual Angle.

And... that Shia story has now jumped the shark. Somewhere on Twitter Jeet Heer suggested that perhaps Shia was behaving just like a Clowes character might, which made me feel happy/sad/weird.