Inflected Lines

Today, we bring you the Comics Journal writing debut of a mysterious character named Waldo, who volunteered to review Kim Deitch's new book, The Amazing, Enlightening, and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley. It's an unusual review for many reasons, and here's a sample:



—There are several noteworthy comics notices out there, including Rookie founder Tavi Gevenson's review of The Daniel Clowes Reader for the Chicago Tribune, Roctober magazine's short but intense review of comics by Mickey Z and Michael DeForge, Daniel Kalder's review of Igor Baranko's Jihad, Noah Berlatsky's look at a zen strip from John Porcellino, and three recommendations from Jeff Smith.

—Portland's crowd-funded comics convention, The Projects, is in the final days of its Kickstarter drive, and hasn't made its goal yet.

—Tom Spurgeon has a nice, long interview with Charles Forsman.

Gary Groth as a young fan.

—For Comics Forum, Andrei Molotiu gathers a list of terms useful for comics studies, from action-to-action transition to word/image irony, and provides illustrations here.