18+ Jamboree

Damn, put the kids to bed – Mr. Sensuality himself has graced the site with capsule reviews of passionate new zines from Valis Ortiz and Bhanu Pratap.

Going to Pieces – Peacemaker Lost and Found

They say nobody prays harder for peace than the soldier… but for what does the Peacemaker pray? Tom Shapira sifts through the rubble of another Charlton concept blown to bits in the blood & thunder of the 1980s.

10 Cent Museum

Funny Book Round Up

Congratulations, you’re in for a lucky-number-seven capsule reviews of all sorts of comics. Recent, good superhero comics! Small-press erotic comics! Decades-old alternative comics! Extremely unhappy commercial Japanese comics! Austin English brings you everything under the sun, and you should thank him.

Bill Maudlin

Another Look At Bill Mauldin

There’s never a bad time to talk about Bill Mauldin, but it’s especially a good time when you’ve got a whole bushel of Maulidin trivia, history and gossip to share thanks to Bob tracking down a copy of 2020’s Drawing Fire: The Editorial Cartoons of Bill Mauldin.