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Hi everyone, we had some tech issues starting Friday morning, so forgive the disappearing act. Today on the site:

Joe McCulloch brings the noir to the week in comics. 


Welcome news on the scholarship-front: Washington University has acquired R.O. Blechman's Ink Tank archives, which contain work by some of the best illustrators of the 20th century. Nice.  

Reports of Mad Magazine's imminent demise seem to be premature. Cartoonist and editor Bill Morrison is taking over as the editor in chief and the Gang of Idiots is moving to Los Angeles. More here.

This upcoming comics exhibition at Printed Matter in NYC sounds good.

Editor of the late great Comic Art magazine and author of one of the all-time great cartoonist monographs (that would be The Art of Jaime Hernandez/The Secrets of Life and Death), Todd Hignite has launched a comic art online gallery. Great things to be seen and save-up for there.

The brilliant cartoonist Jason Shiga has posted the greatest book preview video ever. Of course.