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I this last week of summer it's probably best if you stay inside and read comic books. Joe McCulloch is here to help you do that. And MariNaomi continues our most far-flung TCJ Diary in Ecuador.

And I've decided that today is British links day. That's right, my paltry handful of links will all relate to the land of the Queen. So:

-Remember the time Modesty Blaise was almost drawn by Handsome Frank Hampson? Me neither! In fact I have two unread Modest Blaise books on my shelf. Is it a good strip? I may never know.

-Whoah, I think Warren Ellis knows what I'm talking about.

-It's a profile of fans of the other Frank of British comics: Bellamy. Complete with some very nice, typically photo-realistic visuals.

-I love this "Stuff From Under the Stairs" Tumblr. Great British zines and comics magazines. It's just the kind of stuff I like sifting through, offering a enough of a glimpse to feel substantial but random enough to feel manageable. Here's a nice Hunt Emerson cover.

-And more buried 1980s: Some very handsome Paul Grist work for "girl's comic".

And that concludes this event. I hope to return to the kingdom soon.

5 Responses to Youthful Pages

  1. Knut Robert Knutsen says:

    Is it a good strip?

    Yes. In the way Hamlet is a good play, Meryl Streep a good actress and Alan Moore is a good comics writer. Sort of like that.

    But you have to read the Holdaway version first, Save Romero, Burns and Colvin for later.

  2. D. Peace says:

    I want to read those Modesty Blaise books. If a vote from the peanut gallery is worth anything, I’d love to see an in-depth write-up on them, if you get around to reading them and would care to.

  3. Briany Najar says:

    Grist did a nice job there on those pages from Nikki, capturing the late 80s hair and clothes, and the graphic style looks well a la mode too. Bit of a proto-Deadline vibe going on.
    I love it when adventure (quasi-realist) artists turn up in girls’ comics, cos they tend to portray the everyday world in all its banality; not many girls’ comic strips were set in space or Middle-Earth.
    Apparently, Sean Phillips also did some stuff for Nikki, I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for these, never even heard of it before Stringer posted that.

  4. Mike Rhode says:

    Modesty is an excellent strip – it’s an spy/adventure strip so it’s not remotely believable – but it was well-written and drawn for a long time.

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