Yes, Please.

Tuesday morning is breakfast with Jog. Head right there.


An interview with Gilbert Hernandez.

Alan Moore on writer Robert Morales.

Excellent Western comic drawn by Mort Meskin here.

Effective advertising?

Best thing I've seen in a little while. John Alcorn, what a great cartoonist and illustrator. Broad and ornate simultaneously.

Not comics but gag cartoon material.

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  1. patrick ford says:

    Anything new by Gilbert Hernandez is a cause for celebration. There have been a few comments scattered around that MARBLE SEASON is the GH book for people who “don’t get” some or any of what he does. That almost sounds like he’s left out all the best parts. In a way it would be interesting to see Gilbert work in a cartoon world something along the line of Peanuts where adult, and even characters past puberty are never seen. That would tend to remove all the “troubling” aspects in his work.

  2. patrick ford says:

    Joe M: “…particularly to those aching for Beto comics devoid of generic interest, although I, for one, enjoyed Fatima: The Blood Spinners.”
    That’s the vibration I’m picking up. In that this is Gilbert Hernandez I have no doubt it will be equally as good as all his other work. The mentions of Marvel Comics and the Beatles (the favorite cliche of over 50 Silver Age GUY) would usually be enough to send me streaking for the nearest exit. At least he didn’t call the book THE WONDER YEARS.
    Still, in my opinion Gilbert is the best cartoonist alive not named Robert Crumb, so I’ll stand in line.

  3. Chris Mautner says:

    FYI, bad link to Joe’s column.

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