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Ahead of next week's publication of Kill My Mother, we have Jules Feiffer's introduction and afterword to his landmark book The Great Comic Book Heroes.


Self promotion alert: I curated this show opening September 18th at the RISD Museum of Art. Also, there's a 368-page catalog I put together with texts from faves Nicole Rudick, Naomi Fry, among others. The show attempts to create an alternate lineage from 1960 to the present and includes comics people Jack Kirby, Gary Panter, Mat Brinkman (and Forcefield) alongside the Hairy Who, Christina Ramberg, Elizabeth Murray, Destroy All Monsters, Joan Brown, Peter Saul and others. You'll hear more about it as it goes. 10 points if you can name both objects on the cover of the book.

Still elsewhere:

Speaking of Rudick, Tim and I tried to draw her into a contentious email discussion about whether or not Santa Claus is a super hero, as so named in this article. To my dismay she refused to respond!

Great deep dive into history with a spotlight on workaday early cartoonist C.H. Wellington.

Hilarious Milo Manara swipe file here. I would maybe feel bad about people making fun of Manara if he was still a hippie. As it is: Eh.

Jason Miles recommends Eroyn Franklin.

Nice review of Brecht Vandenbroucke’s .

I got this Multiversity comic book thing in the mail and tried to read some of it this morning because I am a masochist, but was baffled. This annotated guide may help me, but I may also never read it or the comic itself.

Have a good weekend!

14 Responses to What’d I Say

  1. bee mind says:

    meerk puffy and the wormer

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    And 9 points to Brady Myers. Negative 1 point because there is no “the” before Wormer.

  3. Nicole Rudick says:

    I assumed that, as I’m a nonpracticing Jew and weekend socialist, my feelings on “Santa” would be clear. He’s obviously a cipher invented by weak-willed Christian children and their parents to disguise their rampant greed and feeding of the Nyarlathotep-like commercial entity. Superhero or myth: in either case, you’re putting your faith in an extraordinarily judgmental trickster who continually revives the faulty and damaging notion of the benevolent patriarchy.

  4. Dan Nadel says:

    Darn you Rudick and your Paris Review smarty pants comments!

  5. Tony says:

    Check it out, Manara has the floor:

  6. Frank Santoro says:

    santa claus, satan claws

  7. Mike Hunter says:

    Thanks for the link, Tony! Wherein we get this bit of wisdom…

    Manara: “it’s not my fault if women are like that. I’m only drawing them. It’s not me who made women that way…”

    So…it’s Mother Nature’s fault!

    But, really, when Marvel hired Manara to draw superheroines, surely they knew what they’d be going to get.

    (What’s next, hiring Tom of Finland to draw superheroes?)

    A little more Google’ing reveals a correlation to Marvel’s hiring of Manara:

    America’s burger chains are locked in a fight to see who can create the most sexually explicit, annoying ads possible…

    …Why is this happening now? As BNET noted July 15, there are signs that fast-food restaurant sales are declining, and advertisers are desperate to catch your attention. One way to guarantee doing that is to produce porn-based advertising. (It worked for American Apparel, after all.) Burger franchises’ core customers are teenage boys, not you or I. So until sales pick up — or agencies learn that they are creating clutter, not standing out from it — expect to see a lot more of this.

    Elsewhere on the sexploitation front, the Significant Other and I love Hardee’s (I’ve a plate with the wrappers for a pair of their just-consumed breakfast biscuits on my lap as I type this), but are they trying to win a “most sexist commercials” contest?

    Mind-bogglingly crass; but, signs of the times…

  8. R. Fiore says:

    As I think I’ve pointed out before, the sexual act that engages Milo Manara is not intercourse but voyeurism.

    The main problem with socialists is that they’re killjoys. The happiness they promote is what’s considered happiness in church.

  9. R. Fiore says:

    As for Santa Claus being a superhero, of course not. He is not normally a product sold to consumers in his own right, but rather abides in the realm of advertising and promotion. He doesn’t have adventures, he performs a task, which is not righting wrongs but an annual ritual of kindness. He doesn’t wear a costume, he wears clothes. They just happen to be Santa Claus clothes. He is not an ordinary person imbued with superpowers but is a creature of the supernatural. He doesn’t have a secret identity, he’s Santa Claus morning til night all the year round. Not a precursor at all.

  10. Oliver says:

    I can’t be the only one who has modestly proposed the character of an invulerable superheroine who fights crime completely naked, intending her as a (crude) satire of ever-more-revealing costumes. Only for Marvel to render satire increasingly redundant…

  11. Mike Hunter says:

    Bah, unbeliever! Did not Santa…conquer an entire PLANET??

    (Try matching that, Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, you overrated clowns!)

    Behold the comic-book adaptation of the classic motion picture:

  12. Tony says:

    It gets better.

    Now Mr. Manara is sketching visual aid to support his words.

    Man, it’s in moments like these when I miss Kim Thompson the most. The perfect man for the job. You know he would have just loved to chime in and drop a good dose of his unappealable discernment.

  13. D.D. says:

    “I looked the other way last month when you showed kindness to Andy, my little shih-tzu.” -a for-real line from Grant Morrison’s Multiversity this week . . . the speaker is supposed to be a New York City landlord, and a human who speaks English as her first language.

  14. D.D. says:

    As for Manara, why is anyone surprised that it’s trash? The only difference between the women found in his superhero work is their hair and their clothes; otherwise they’re just the same woman drawn over and over.

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