What If?


Greg Hunter talks to cartoonist Caitlin Skaalrud (Houses of the Holy)


Lauren Weinstein posted one of the best short stories I've seen since, well, her last post earlier this year. Lauren's on a roll, and good on our pal Nicole Rudick for publishing this amazing piece of art at the Paris Review.

Phoebe Gloeckner is having another well-deserved moment in the sun, via the film adaptation of her masterpiece The Diary of a Teenage Girl.

Ines Estrada calls attention to this book she co-edited about Mexican zines, a topic about which I know nothing. The book looks great. Gimme!

Here's are two questions for the peanut gallery which will do nothing for my reputation:

1) Does anyone remember which issue of the Fantastic Four opened with a splash of The Thing making/admiring an anchovy pizza? Here's a free idea for all your movie execs: A solo Thing movie in which he roams around "New Brooklyn", raging against micro brews and condo developments! Furious about pour-over coffee! Take it, it's yours.

2) Remember What If? Who has a favorite What If issue? What a funny premise for a comic that I took so seriously as a kid. I wish it still existed, but for ALL comics (What If Louis Riel was Immortal? What if Chunky Rice was a Wolf?) and that Daniel Clowes wrote them ALL and Rick Altergott drew them ALL. Dream team! Youth! Happiness!

13 Responses to What If?

  1. Matt Seneca says:

    Rob Liefeld’s “What if Wolverine was an agent of Shield” is supreme, at least until we get Chris Ware’s “What if Chris Ware was a member of Glo Gang”

  2. Chris Mautner says:

    I think What If was the only series I had a full run of as a kid.

  3. Dan Nadel says:

    First of all, I want to thank Matt Seneca for being brave enough to step up to the plate here. But I’m confused: Is that Liefeld What If real? I thought What If stopped in the late 80s?

  4. Dan Nadel says:

    It’s possible that What If was a training ground for all great comics critics!

  5. Tucker Stone says:

    What It Conan the Barbarian Were Stranded In The 20th Century.

    second favorite

    What If Wolverine was Lord of the Vampires

  6. Oliver_C says:

    What if ‘What If’ writer George Caragonne had never accepted a job at Penthouse Comix?

  7. Robert Boyd says:

    I liked the “What If the Avengers Never Were” because of the Gil Kane art that looked like it was inked with a flair pen (which I loved).

  8. Bertram says:

    What if Gary Groth had accepted that job offer from Marvel in the late ’70s?

  9. Jon says:

    What If… Wolverine Had Beaten the Hulk? I saw that when I was a kid and reacted, “Wait, so Hulk beat Wolverine? I must find this!”

  10. There was more than one volume. The Liefeld thing is for real, true believer.

    For me, #1 of the second volume: What If the Avengers Lost the [truly terrible cross-over] Evolutionary War? [Answer: everyone gets macrocephalic and floats off into space as part of the Uni-Mind from Kirby’s Eternals, except for Daredevil who just mopes around instead]

  11. Bertram says:

    I remember that one! God that was awful…the dominant personality in the Uni-Mind was –can you guess? WOLVERINE and when it/they take out Galactus, his tiny disembodied face sheds a tear…

  12. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    What If… Forbush Man Was Marvel’s Most Popular Character Of All Time?

  13. That Thing comic was a Two In One I can’t remember the exact issue. They still do What Ifs? At MArvel. The difference is that they are terrible.

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