What a Crowd

On the site: It's Tuesday so that means you get a dose of schooling from Joe McCulloch. Chris Mautner reviews Tezuka's Princess Knight. And we also continue to update the tributes to Moebius post.


-There is a whole raft of Moebius links out there, but my favorite is this blog post of photos of the artist with other artists over the course of his career. A close second is this fine appreciation of his influence on popular culture over at

-Ivan Brunetti has a New Yorker cover on the stands and a few words about it, too.

-Proof Instagram is useful: A shot of Jaime Hernandez at work on a new Love and Rockets page.

-The strange story of someone selling a fake Ernie Bushmiller drawing. If I was going to fake an artist I'd stay away from someone as clean-lined and precise as Bushmiller.

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  1. Peteykins says:

    Thanks for linking to the Bushmiller forgery piece. You all should know that I’ve been writing an ongoing series of posts about the many, MANY forgeries for sale and sold by that same dealer, as others have around the web in the past. It’s really an outrageous thing.

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