Wake Up, Wake Up

Hayley Campbell starts the week off with a review of David Hahn's All Nighter.

Even when Frank's taking it easy with his column, he manages to drop some knowledge about Gray Morrow and Carl Barks you couldn't get from anyone else.

Sean T. Collins returned with the second installment of his "Say Hello" column on Friday, this time featuring the popular illustrator and web cartoonist Emily Carroll.

And Rob Clough reviewed the latest anthology in the Sunday series, which grew out of its editors' time at the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Recent Journal interview subject Jim Woodring gives a young aspiring cartoonist some advice in a letter from 1993. (via)

So far, July has been a very good month for reading Gabrielle Bell's comics online. (She's going for one a day all month.)

Jeet Heer, take note: The Panelists dig up a fascinating quote from Walt Kelly regarding the use of racial caricature by cartoonists of his time.

Some people have trouble understanding the humor in New Yorker cartoons, others, well ... have you ever had trouble getting the jokes in Beetle Bailey? Mort Walker explains what's funny about selected strips in a series of videos.

The New York Times talks to Jules Feiffer and others regarding The Dancer Films, an adaptation of selected strips from Feiffer's long-running strip in the Voice. Will this movie break the Green Lantern box office curse, and make the world safe for comic book movies again?

And finally, one of the CEOs of Archie has made the news on the seedier side of the internet.

Finally, Drew Friedman art pirated by Chinese snake-oil peddlers! Would you buy a sex aide with this man's face on it?

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  1. jess says:

    when i was 16 or so, i also wrote to jim woodring for advice, and on the back of a layout page for a frank story, he sent me this list of tips on how to (possibly) make it as a cartoonist. i gave up on the dream eventually, but jim’s advice still seems pretty dead-on to me if yr gonna try to do anything creative (or just as a guide to life, especially item number one).

    (apologies for the blurry quick camera phone image there.) judging by what i’ve heard other people say, he seems like the best kind teacher for young aspirants: worldly, erudite, and encouraging without feeling the need to hold back on calling you out on your bullshit.

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