To the Coast

Today on the site:

As usual, Jog brings us the week in comics as only he can see it.

And elsewhere around:

-The great Italian cartoonist Sergio Bonelli (Tex, Dylan Dog) has passed away. We'll have further coverage soon.

-Tom Spurgeon reviewed Ludovic Debeurme's Lucille and wrote an excellent obituary of Jack Adler.

-Harry Mendryk posts a note that The Simon and Kirby Library: Crime is on its way, and has some nice looking pix to as well.

-Eddie Campbell points us to an archive of the (unknown to me) 1980s small press duo Biff.

-Tim O'Shea interviews Michael Kupperman over at Robot 6 about his new book Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010.



2 Responses to To the Coast

  1. Steve Flanagan says:

    “1980s small press duo Biff”

    Not really small press. In the UK, their work appeared in national newspapers (The Guardian) and major magazines like Time Out. Their books had regular book shop distribution. In the 1980s and 1990s, people who couldn’t name another cartoonist except Carl Giles would have recognised Biff.

  2. Frank Santoro says:

    PIX Pittsburgh Comics Show is now BACK AT ORIGINAL LOCATION – please pass it on…

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