The Virility Of Contempt

It's been a tumultuous week at TCJ, and we're still hammering the kinks out right now. But we're not dead, and there's some excellent pieces coming on Guts, Paper Girls, Bradley of Him, Rusty Brown and...there's a LOT. There's a lot! And we're hustling to get it up and running.

4 Responses to The Virility Of Contempt

  1. steven samuels says:

    “It’s been a tumultuous week at TCJ…”

    ??? Don’t leave us gossipy types hanging…..

  2. Nicolas Santos says:

    beware guys.
    I don’t wanna make you work too hard, but strangely it’s seems that the archives section ain’t available anymore :/

  3. Gabe Fowler says:

    What happened?

  4. Paul Slade says:

    Welcome back, You had me worried for a few days there.

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