The Rest of You Are Fired

This morning on the site we feature the return of Bob Levin, and his look at Chris Ware's Building Stories. Now based on Twitter conversations from a few months ago, I know a lot of you will immediately begin complaining that everyone has already read enough about that book, but (1) you haven't, not really, (2) get used to it, because books like this (ambitious and largely successful) tend to get talked about for a long time, and (3) Bob Levin is allowed to write about anything he wants. Here is a very brief excerpt, especially designed to annoy a certain kind of person:

The second day I slit the cellophane wrapper.


—The longtime New Yorker cartoonist Ed Fisher has died at the age of 86. That magazine's cartoon editor Bob Mankoff announced the news on his blog. The New York Times has an obituary here. Mike Lynch and Michael Maslin offer their own thoughts on the artist.

Apple has reportedly decided not to offer Saga #12 to iPhone and iPad users due to two pages in the issue featuring somewhat distorted images of gay sex. Series writer Brian K. Vaughn responded by declining to change the images in question, and directing readers to other outlets (and the CBLDF). You can see one of the images in question below.

[UPDATE: ComiXology has issued a new statement today, contradicting earlier reports. I find this all somewhat confusing, and don't understand how to reconcile comiXology implicitly confirming the original story with this new information, but there it is. You can read the statement here.]

—The Doug Wright Awards have announced the members of the 2013 jury, including Julie Delporte, Pascal Girard, Jonathan Goldstein, Joe Ollmann, and Natalia Yanchak.

—Paul Gravett profiles Belgian cartoonist/architect François Schuiten.

—And then there are lots of reviews. Richard Samuel West reviews the recent Thomas Nast biography, Craig Fischer reviews Jim Rugg's Supermag, Tom Spurgeon reviews the new Tom Gauld collection, Christopher Stigliano reviews Sidney Smith's The Gumps: The Saga of Mary Gold, and Chris Mautner reviews a whole bunch of stuff.

3 Responses to The Rest of You Are Fired

  1. Jeppe says:

    Just to clarify regarding the Saga debacle:

  2. Tim Hodler says:

    Hmm. Something seems very strange about all this. I don’t see how this makes sense with earlier statements.

  3. Don Druid says:

    I think what happened today would be a great topic for Misters Khosla and Stone to address in their pre-review bits on what’s up in the realm of nausea.

    Specifically, how CBR (and other outlets) published all the footwork they should have been doing on the BKV/ComiXology/Apple issue before deciding to publish, not in the rushed-out “story”, but in an insane series of time-stamped “updates” to it, so that by the time they actually got the confirmation from the key sources they should have sought in the first place, there wasn’t any, you know, story left.

    The story being, “Apple censors gayness”, which, if it had happened, would have been a really big story! Except, you know, it’s just comics, ha ha!

    Because overall it seems like a giant fuck up that would get a column from a public editor if it happened at a newspaper. It was like the digital equivalent of listening to all the air coming out of a tightly gripped balloon in a big long fart sound.

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