The New Nostalgia Journal No. 30, November 1976

Featuring an interview with Jack Kirby.

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Jim Wilson, “In the Shadow of the American Dream: Part Two”

Frank Catalano, “Futurescope: Constructive Criticism”


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4 Responses to The New Nostalgia Journal No. 30, November 1976

  1. patrick ford says:

    I happened to notice another one of Stan Lee’s “funny stories” recently.
    In an interview with Greg Theakston Lee commented:

    Lee: I wrote the Origins of the comics for Marvel I think I even put it in my
    introduction, and he read that. He didn’t say anything then. But
    with the Hulk I wanted something that was a combination of the
    Frankenstein Monster and Jekyll and Hyde, and I’ve said that to people
    over and over again. And I read an interview with him somewhere, and
    he said, ³I’ve always liked Frankenstein and Jekyll and Hyde, and I
    wanted to do it.² And the son-of-a-bitch read that I had written it
    and it somehow became part of his–you know, how d’ya–

    The origins book was published in 1974.

    Here’s Kirby in early 1969 (one year before he left Marvel) talking to Mark Herbert.

    Kirby: “I created the Hulk, and saw him as kind of a handsome Frankenstein. I never felt that the Hulk was a monster, because I felt the Hulk was me.”

    Online scan of the quote in question.

    No doubt just another example of Lee’s bad memory, like his often told tale of winning a writing contest .

    Lee (2002): The New York Herald Tribune had a contest called “The Biggest News of the Week” contest for high school students. In 500 words or less, you had to write what you thought was the biggest news of the week and describe it. I won it three weeks in running and the editor called me to stop entering the contest and give someone else a chance.

    When Tom Spurgeon investigated this claim he found Lee had never won the contest.

  2. Tom Spurgeon also gleefully claimed he investigated Lee’s claims of debating Werthams partner which was broadcast, and laughingly said Lee was lying.

    Oh, until TwoMorrow’s “Stan Lee Universe” provided evidence, transcript, and so forth.

    Whats with TCJ and their anti Stan Lee bias? Why don’t you intellectuals keep discussing the philosophical worth of porn comics and pretend you’re all celebrating mature, adult art? You guys are funny :D

  3. patrick ford says:

    Here’s the News of the Week story as reported by Tom Spurgeon.
    Three first place awards turn out to be one seventh place finish.
    Amazing the editor was inclined to call Lee and ask him to give others a chance at first place. Yeah, or maybe that never happened.
    Can anyone imagine the reaction if Kirby had ever called Lee a “Son of a bitch” in print, as Lee called Kirby in the Theakston interview? Obviously Kirby’s parents were married, so perhaps the Kirby estate should sue Lee and Theakston for slander.
    I’m of course joking, but in the same Theakston interview Lee suggests he considered filing a libel suit against TCJ and Kirby based on TCJ Kirby interview. In the Ronin Ro book Lee says after reading the interview he called Marvel’s lawyers and asked, “Should WE sue him?”

  4. patrick ford says:

    Hey Nemesis Kid (err…Jim) you’re got cider in your ear.

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