The New Nostalgia Journal No. 28, September 1976

Featuring an essay by Carter Scholz; editorial by Gary Groth.

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Gary Groth, Editorial (p. 2 and 4)
TNJ Memos (p. 4)

TNJ Letters (p. 6, 8, 10)

Sheri E. Bonner, “Star Trek and Space: 1999- A Common Goal” (p. 14)
Mike Catron, “An Insider’s View of TNJ 27” (p. 14 and 15)
Frank Catalano, “The 23rd Century Shuffle” (p. 23)
Carter Scholz, “Exploring Ellison” (p. 28 and 29 )
Doug Fratz, “The Decker Era” (p. 36)

Fanzine Listings
Doug Fratz, TNJ Listings (p. 39)

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