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Good morning. Today we present an obituary of the much-admired artist Jeffrey Jones, as well as Joe McCulloch's latest column on the week in comics.


Jean-Christophe Menu, outspoken co-founder of the prominent French publisher L'Association, has apparently left the company. Tom Spurgeon and Bart Beaty have the available information and a bit of analysis here and here.

Robert Crumb gives a weird interview to his own website, in which he briefly comments in sometimes surprising ways on various public figures, such as Andy Warhol, Stanley Kubrick, Obama, Bob Dylan, and Tommy James and the Shondells (he's a fan!).

Bill Rechin, creator of the comic strip Crock, has passed away.

The eminent British comics critic Paul Gravett picked his top five political graphic novels for CNN. None of them are bad books, but a few of them don't strike me as very political, except in the broadest sense.

Our own Rob Clough writes about the minicomics of Susie Cagle.

Sometimes I read Tucker Stone's column and I am so so glad that I have no idea what he's talking about.

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  1. Michael says:

    The L’Association story really baffles me, and it’s probably because it seems to have a very different arrangement than the typical capitalist profit-oriented (profit-hopeful?) comics publisher. It’s kind of like Image but not really, kind of like Fantagraphics or D+Q but not really. It doesn’t seem like the founders own the company in the traditional sense. Is there some kind of profit-sharing structure–it seems as if the employees are treated as shareholders if they could vote for a board of directors. Perhaps the Journal could dispatch a reporter to provide a more thorough story of what led to this moment. TCJ has a fine tradition of chronicling at length the crises (and collapses) of comics businesses over the decades–First Comics, Kitchen Sink & Tundra, Marvel, even Dirk’s daily links to Cross-Gen’s failure–so how about it for L’Asso?

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