The Comics Journal No. 94, October 1984

Featuring an interview with Juan Gimenez; reviews by Gene Phillips and Jan Strnad; an essay on manga.

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Gary Groth, “Editorial” (p. 7)

Blood and Thunder (p. 20)

Newswatch (p. 8)

Bhob Stewart, “Juan Gimenez Interview” (p. 86)

Russell Freund, “Hit and Myth” (p. 29)
Gene Phillips, “A Chaos of Kratophanies” (p. 34)
Jan Strnad, “Case Study” (p.  39)
Dale Luciano, “A G-Man and a Drag Queen” (p. 41)

Fred Patten, “Mangamania!” (p. 44)
Dana Jennings, “Futuropolis” (p. 56)
Bhob Stewart, “Screaming Metal” (p. 58)
Vernon Grant, “Samurai Superstar” (p. 91)
Leonard Rifas, “Comics in Malaysia” (p. 96)

Dwight R. Decker, “Doc’s Bookshelf: Memoirs of a Foreign Comics Fan” (p. 103)
Greg Potter, “Panel Progressions: Only the Good Die Young” (p. 110)

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4 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 94, October 1984

  1. DerikB says:

    Pages 85-96 seem to be missing from this issue. It skips from 84, then an ad page, then 97.

  2. Art Baxter says:

    My copy has pages 86-95. You must have a deformed mutant issue.

  3. Kristy Valenti says:


  4. DerikB says:

    Thanks, Kristy!

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