The Comics Journal No. 74, August 1982

Featuring Chris Claremont and Louise Jones on The New Mutants; Carter Scholz on Gil Kane; Peter Sanderson on “X-Appeal.”

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Dwight R. Decker, “Editorial the First” (p. 10)
Gary Groth, “Editorial the Second” (p. 11)

Blood and Thunder (p. 24)

Newswatch (p. 13)

Peter Sanderson, “The Third Generation of X-Men: Chris Claremont and Louise Jones Discuss The New Mutants” (p. 56)
Gary Groth, Kim Thompson, and Joey Cavalieri, “Slaughter on the Greene Street” (p. 70)

Heidi MacDonald, “Realms of Acid” (p. 32)
Carter Scholz, “Kane’s Progress” (p. 35)
Gene Phillips, “The Surfer Washes Out” (p. 39)
Bhob Stewart, “Lux Perpetua” (p. 46)
Dale Luciano, “Revenge of the Duckman” (p. 48)

Peter Sanderson, “The Secret of X-Appeal” (p. 62)

Kevin C. McConnell, “Opening Shots: The House of Second-Hand Ideas” (p. 6)
R.C. Harvey, “The Reticulated Rainbow:  Shreds and Patches”  (p. 84)
Dale Luciano, “Cinema Journal: A Movie for Subliterate Heathens” (p. 92)
Peter Sanderson, “The Enchanted Drawing: Escaping the Mousetrap” (p. 96)
Peter Sanderson, “The Enchanted Drawing: Two Legends Retold” (p. 100)

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