The Comics Journal No. 62, March 1981

Featuring an interview with Dick Giordano; R. Fiore on Detectives, Inc.; a column by Richard Marschall.

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The Comics Journal Defense Fund (p. 10)
Newswatch (p. 11)

Gary Groth, “Brushes and Blue Pencils: An Interview with Dick Giordano” (p. 44)

Dale Luciano, “A Dissapointing, Heavy-Handed Assault on Mindlessness” (p. 32)
Jan Strnad, “A Ho-Hum Horror” (p. 38)
Kevin C. McConnell, “The FF on the Skidds” (p. 41)

R. Fiore, Opening Shots: “In Defense of Detectives, Inc.” (p. 8)
Jim Korkis, Suspended Animation: “The Colorado Cartoonists and the Disney Dream” (p. 81)
Richard Marschall, Polychromatic Effulgence: “Where There’s Life There’s Hope” (p. 86)
Bill Sherman, Underground Comix: “Coming Out and Going Out” (p. 92)

Coming Comics: February (p.95)

Cover by Jerry Ordway and Sam de la Rosa

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