The Comics Journal No. 57, Summer 1980

Featuring interviews with John Bryrne and Steve Gerber; illustrations by Stu Potts, Joan Hanke Woods, and Mike Ploog.

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Blood and Thunder (p. 21)

Newswatch (p. 8)

Mitch Itkowitz and J. Michael Catron, “John Byrne: An X-tra Special, Four-Star, Flag-Waving Talk With the Artist of X-Men and Captain America” (p. 57)
Marilyn Bethke, “The Prodigal Iconoclast Returns to Comics: Steve Gerber Speaks Again” (p. 85)

Fred Patten, “Breathtaking Adventure Serial” (p. 42)
David L. Seidman, “Adventures on Other Worlds” (p. 43)
Dwight R. Decker, “Plumbing the Sewer” (p. 45)
R. Fiore, “Flowers in the Wilderness” (p. 46)
James J.J. Wilson, “Shades of the Shadow” (p. 49)
Fred Patten, “The Illustrated Stars My Destination” (p. 50)

Marilyn Bethke, “Engrossed in the Bark: A Preview of Stewart the Rat” (p. 94)
Dale Luciano and Rick Bryant (illustration), “Man, Alien, and Superman” (p. 97)
David Stallman, Joe Sinardi and Stewart Potts (illustration), Super-Heroes: The Cult and the Fad” (p. 107)
Kim Thompson and Philippe Druillet (illustration), “Philippe Druillet” (p. 115)
T. Casey Brennan, “The Untold History of I.W. Comics” (p. 118)

Kevin C. McConnell, “Opening Shots: Disappointment My Destination” (p. 4)
Dale Luciano, “Cinema Journal: The Changeling, Brave New World and Deathship” (p. 120)
R.C. Harvey, “The Reticulated Rainbow: Tuning In” (p. 126)
Rick Marschall, “Polychromatic Effulgence: What Fools These Mortals Be!” (p. 134)

Stu Potts, “Pott Shots” (pps. 20, 111)
Joan Hanke Woods, “The Alien Portfolio” (p. 103)
Mike Ploog, “The Gremlin” (p. 147)

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One Response to The Comics Journal No. 57, Summer 1980

  1. David says:

    Took this summer issue with me on the family vacation (to Wildwood, NJ that year). So fondly remember reading and rereading every page in that issue in the warm sun by the motel’s pool and on the beach. Boy, talk about memories!

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