The Comics Journal No. 51, November 1979

Featuring an interview with Howard Chaykin; illustrations by Grass Green and Eddie Eddings.

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Blood and Thunder (p. 18)

Newswatch (p. 5)

Gary Groth, “Howard Chaykin Interview” (p. 55)

Gerard Einhaus, “A Powerfully Depicted Social Problem” (p. 30)
Greg Huneryager, “Revitalizing Spider-Man” (p. 31)

“Criticism Vs. Analysis” (p. 32)
Frank Brunner, “Farewell to Comics” (p. 48)

Bill Sherman, “Underground Comix: Sympathy for the Groundlevel” (p. 70)
Jim Korkis, “Suspended Animation: The Japanese Invasion” (p. 78)
Martin Pasko, “Cinema Journal: Bloodsucking as Foreplay” (p. 81)

Grass Green and Eddie Eddings, “Wildman and Rubberboy” (p. 39)

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5 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 51, November 1979

  1. Dan Nadel says:

    Working on. In the future, people of earth, should you wish to make us aware of something, just email it to us at editorial (at) tcj (dot) com, rather than posting a comment.

  2. ChanceFiveash says:

    I deleted my comment initially because of the "passive" quality of your response. I regret that now. I'm 100% behind this new site…but in the future may I suggest that you not take initial comments as a criticism…just the fact that in the future people will be paying to read these issues.

    And you are welcome for pointing out the error :)

  3. Dan Nadel says:

    Hi Chance,

    I'm not taking it as a criticism at all, just suggesting a better route so that we can keep track of problems. Thanks!

  4. ChanceFiveash says:

    I recogonized that, but your response did not :) But in the future I will certainly email you :) Keep up the great work, I'm enjoying the online version very much.

  5. Robert says:

    This is one of the first Comics Journal interviews that I read. The Frank Brunner at Marvel interview convinced me that if I ever had the next Spider-Man or Hulk, I’d publish it independently.

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