The Comics Journal No. 50, October 1979

Featuring an interview with Chris Claremont; a review by Dwight Decker; a look at the life cycle of comics.

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The Editors, “Heroes for Hire” (p. 4)

Blood and Thunder (p. 21)

Newswatch (p. 8)

Ed Via, “Chris Claremont Interview” (p. 48)

Jim Dawson, “The Queen is Dead...Finally” (p. 29)
Cat Yronwode, “Blackhawks for Christ” (p. 30)
Jim Wilson, “It Doesn’t Blesh” (p. 35)
Greg Huneryager, “Doomsday: Nothing Really Novel” (p. 38)
Margaret O’Connell, “If the Shoe Fits...” (p. 39)
Dwight Decker, “Trigan Empire: Dazzling but Uninspired” (p. 40)
Beppe Sabatini, “The Door to Cell Twenty-Six” (p. 41)

Paul Levitz, “A Call for Higher Criticism” (p. 44)
Brian Cook, “The Rise and Fall of Richard Nixon and the Monsters from Marvel” (p. 76)

Dwight R. Decker, “Doc’s Bookshelf: Comics of the Gods” (p. 81)
Jeffrey Wasserman, “Jack Spake: The Life Cycle of Comics” (p. 86)

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  1. Patrick Ford says:

    Page 37 is out of focus and not legible.

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