The Comics Journal No. 42, October 1978

Featuring an interview with Stan Lee; Kim Thompson on Claire Bretecher; essays by Gary Groth.

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Kim Thompson and Gary Groth, Editorial (p. 7)

Blood & Thunder (p. 29)

Newswatch (p. 8)

Jim Dawson, “Hello, Culture Lovers!” Stan Lee at James Madison University (p. 44)

Jim Dawson, “Post-Gulacy Kung Fu: Enter the Drag” (p. 37)
Cat Yronwode, “The Gerber Story” (p. 38)
Kim Thompson, “Claire Bretecher: Triumphant Despite Traitorous Translation” (p. 40)
Paula O’Keefe and Christopher Melchert, “Circles, Swans, and Doctor Strange” (p. 41)

Gary Groth, “The Comics Guild” (p. 15)
“The Comics Guild: What the Pros Think” (p. 18)
Gary Groth, “The Comics Guild: The First Meeting” (p. 21)

Marilyn Bethke, Fandom Review: “The Comic Reader Review” (p. 56)
Bill Mantlo, Alternating Currents: “The Comics You Never Read About” (p. 59)
Dwight R. Decker, Underground Comix: “A Touch of Stardust” (p. 60)
Jeffrey H. Wasserman, Jach Spake: “Walden Revisited” (p. 62)
Jim Korkis, Suspended Animation: “Metamorphoses: The Greeks Must Have Had a Word for It” (p. 64)


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