The Comics Journal No. 40, June 1978

Featuring an interview with Jim Shooter; Kim Thompson on Tom Sutton; illustrations by John Cornell.

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Gary Groth, “Comics and their Critics” (p. 7)

Blood & Thunder (p. 16)

Word Balloons (p. 4)
Newswatch (p. 10)

Kim Thompson, “An Interview with Marvel’s Head-Honcho: Jim Shooter” (p. 38)

Kim Thompson, “Tom Sutton, the Unknown Artist” (p. 29)
Raymond Orkwis, “You Get a Big Delight in Every Bite” (p. 31)
Jim Dawson, “Kraftmanship and the Defenders” (p. 32)
Scott Edelman, “McGregor’s Rage” (p. 32)
John Benson, “From Maus to Now” (p. 36)

Bill Mantlo, “The Micronauts” (p. 24)

Dwight Decker, Doc’s Bookshelf: “Far Away is Close at Hand in Images of Elsewhere” (p. 48)
Jeffrey Wasserman, Jach Spake: “Sheldon Mayer, “Superfolks,” and Gary Trudeau” (p. 53)
Bill Sherman, Underground Comix: “Old Pros and Safety Pins(p. 56)
Marilyn Bethke, Fandom Review: “R.B.C.C.” (p. 59)
Frank Catalano, AFoot in the Airlock: “Space Opera is Alive and Well in Star Hunters” (p. 68)

Stan Lee and John Romita, “The Amazing Spider-Man” (p. 72)
Steve Gerber and Gene Colan, “Howard the Duck” (p. 74)

John Cornell, “Seeker 3000” (p. 28)

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3 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 40, June 1978

  1. mrgrab says:

    Great issue. Pg. 70 (pid=671) only comes up at thumbnail size, though.

    I would love to hear from Kim Thompson about the manner in which he gushes about Sutton here. I don't doubt that he still maintains the same affection now as then for aspects of Sutton's work, but it just seems weird to read such words of praise about what frankly are lame comics considering their proximity to contemporary work of such higher quality like Breakdowns. Not that Thompson has anything to apologize for, just maybe some modern commentary about where he stands now on this period in Sutton's work.

    Am I missing something in how the viewer works? Is there a way to jump to a desired page quickly? Access to these old issues would be a great reason for me to subscribe (and also get rid of my physical archive of many of these) but it's a little frustrating to have to keep hitting "next" to get to what I want to read. (Although the serendipitous results of paging through are of some benefit, too.)

  2. Dan Nadel says:

    You're not missing anything with the viewer, though it is a work in progress. We hope to be able to install that “jump to” functionality at some point in the next couple months. You should subscribe regardless!

  3. Groth’s editorial on critics still reverberates and the Shooter interview was the dawn of persona classicism. It was a special issue and not only for my having drawn the cover (as Mike Nasser) that Bob Layton inked (in case it’s too small to read in the thumbnail, but it’s alright being passed over in the credits here. Really.) The idea of Flynn & de Havilland spoof of Starhunters was inspired, as I remember, by the eternal aficionado of swashbuckle, grand craftsman and comrade in arts Alan Weiss.

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