The Comics Journal No. 238, October 2001

Featuring interviews with Neil Fitzpatrick and  Glen Dakin; reviews by the likes of Ben Jones, Seth, and Tom Spurgeon.

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Tom Devlin, “A Legacy of Mediocrity” (p. 3)

Newswatch (p. 100)

Bart Beaty, “The Comics of Fabio Viscogliosi” (p. 5)
Ben Jones, “Cola Radness” (p. 37)
Seth, John Stanley’s Teen Trilogy (p. 39)
Steven Weissman, “The Lone Ranger’s Famous Horse”  (p. 53)
Tom Spurgeon, “”Float Like A Bee, Sting Like  Butterfly” (p. 57)
Ron Rege, Jr., “Colossal Circus” (p. 60)
Greg Cook, “War Against Smart People” (p. 61)
Tom Devlin, “King of Shit” (p. 65)
Jef Czekaj, “Parenting Makes You Free” (p. 69)

Greg Cook, “Protest and Survive” (p. 13)
David Tompkins, “Fear of Comics” (p. 17)
Juhani Tolvanen and Tom Devlin, “Tove Jansson’s Moomin Comics” (p. 23)
Neil Michael Hagerty, “Go-go-go Von Dutch” (p.31)
Jef Czekaj, “Fuck Other Forms of Art” (p. 89)
Robert Boyd, “On Second Thought, There is a Need For Tenchi” (p. 93)

Neil Fitzpatrick (p. 29)
Glenn Dakin (p. 71)

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