The Comics Journal No. 207, September 1998

Featuring interviews with Garth Ennis and Bob Fingerman; Tom Spurgeon on A Child’s Life.

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Gary Groth, “A Publisher’s Partisan Response” (p.3)

Blood and Thunder: “Are You Ready…To Rock?” (p.8)

Newswatch: “DC/Wildstorm” (p.13)

Garth Ennis (p.40)
Bob Fingerman (p.68)

Tom Spurgeon, “A Child’s Life” (p.35)
“Firing Line – Bullets” (p.36)
Matt Madden, “La vida en el Limbo” (p.38)

Opening Shots: Bart Beaty, “Pickle, Poot and The Cerebus Effect” (p.1) & Sam Henderson, “50 Years of Mediocrity” (p.5)
¡Viva La Comix! (p.11)
International: “Korean Comics” (p.31)
Comicopia: “Comic Strip Artistry in Reprints Galore (also Debunking Myths and Bunking Truths)” (p.107)
Beyond the Grid (p.113)
Marketplace (p.116)
Hit List (p.118)

John McCrea, Front Cover
Bob Fingerman, Back Cover

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2 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 207, September 1998

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  2. I kind of regret my piece about SVA now that I’m older and their curriculum is much different. Maybe I was bitter because I was still paying them then.

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