The Comics Journal No. 186, April 1996

Featuring interviews with Gil Kane and Kaz; an essay on Frank Frazetta; Dave Cooper reviewed.

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Blood and Thunder (p.2)

Newswatch, “The Winters and Their Discontent” (p.11)

Gil Kane, Part I (p.46)
Kaz (p.110)

Gregory Cwiklik, “The Art of Frank Frazetta: A Critical Re-Assessment” (p.133)

Darcy Sullivan, “Suckle: The Status of Basil” (p.31)
Ed Pinsent, “Invasion of the Mind Sappers” (p.32)
Chris Mautner, “The Land of Nod #1” (p.33)
Christopher Brayshaw, “Blue Shadows” (p.35)
Paul Tobin, “Too Much of Too Little” (p.38)

John A. Lent: International, “The Invisible Art” (p.25)
Ng Suat Tong: Scattershots, “The Unnoticed Genius…”
Comicopia (p.129)
Hey, Kids! Comics! (p.132)
Hit List (p.142)

Marie Severin, Cover
Kaz, Back Cover

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2 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 186, April 1996

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  2. Sammy Harkham says:

    this is an amazing issue made even better with the added benefit of time. It’s a real snapshot of the “scene” at that time: a Blood and Thunder with an incredible letter from Seth arguing against a Cwilik essay that suggests comics can never be literature, Brett Warnock complaining about a bad review(the first of many such letters from Top Shelf), Steve Lafler complaining about young cartoonists, a retailer writing in to complain about Marvel’s distribution fuck ups, a guy writing a long letter in defense of “furry fandom”, and of course letters pro and con about Dave Sim. Then the great industy breakdown gossippy interview with Gil Kane, John Kelley’s excellent interview with a piss and vinegar filled Kaz(talking about the time drew friedman and friends heckled Kurtzman to tears), R.C. harvey on Pat Bagley, a Aleksander Zograf strip (remember him?), a take down of Frazetta by Cwilik and a Hit List selections of Ron Rege’s first ever book and Blab 8. Holy smokes comics ruled.

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