The Comics Journal No. 180, September 1995

Interviews with Art Spiegelman and Robert Crumb; sketchbook by Spiegelman.

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Blood and Thunder (p.2)

Newswatch, “Distribution Update” (p.5)

Art Spiegelman Part I (p.52)
Robert Crumb (p.115)

Anne Rubenstein, “Pussey!” (p.39)
Rich Kreiner, “The Jam #9” (p.40)
Whit Spurgeon, “A World of Trouble #2” (p.41)
Bart Beaty, “Zero Zero (August 1995)” (p.42)
Robert Kennedy, “Wallowing In It” (p.43)
Ng Suat Tong, “On the Consciousness of Cities” (p.45)
Paul Wardle, “They Call Me Pusspuss” (p.49)
Anne Rubenstein, “Stan Mack’s Real Life American Revolution” (p.51)

R. Fiore: Funnybook Roulette, “His Trouble with Women” (p.33)
Hit List (p.142)

Jeff Wong, Front and Back Cover
Art Spiegelman Sketchbook (p.107)

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One Response to The Comics Journal No. 180, September 1995

  1. Aaron White says:

    The pages seem to be out of order here, leaping from page 10 to page 100.

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