The Comics Journal No. 174, February 1995

Interviews with Frank Frazetta and Max Andersson; Renee French sketchbook.

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Blood and Thunder (p.2)

Newswatch, “Complete Coverage: Marvel’s Moves” (p.15)

Frank Frazetta (p.52)
Man Andersson (p.105)

Frank Stack, “Airhead” (p.41)
Ng Suat Tong, “Tales From Gehenna” (p.43)
Scott A. Gilbert, “‘He Said to Tell You He Had a Real Good Time’” (p.47)
Anne Rubenstein, “Five Shades of Blue” (p.49)
Bruce Chrislip, “Destroy All Critics” (p.51)

¡Viva la Comix! (p.4)
The Comics Journal “Annual” Readers’ Poll (p.39)
Ken Smith, “Fantasy’s Michelangelo” (p.91)
Critical Focus: Pixy: Chris Lanier, “Pixy and the Post-Nuke Protagonist” (p.96)
Gregory Cwiklik, “Feast of Fools” (p.103)
“That’s Just Dave,” J. Hagey and Kim Thompson, “The Story That Wasn’t” (p.112), Deni Loubert, “The Former Mrs. Viktor” (p.117), Anne Rubenstein, “The Saddest Fate” (p.119)
Hit List (p.126)

Frank Frazetta, Cover
Bill Willingham, Back Cover
Renée French Sketchbook (p.121)

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2 Responses to The Comics Journal No. 174, February 1995

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  2. James Windsor-Smith says:

    Love the frazetta interview, and the infamous dave sim observations…perhaps the perfect journal issue

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