The Comics Journal No. 140, February 1991

Featuring interviews with Walt Kelley, Alan Moore, and Maurice Sendak; pages from Walt Kelley's sketchbook; pages from Jim Engel's sketchbook.

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Gary Groth, “So Far, So Bad” (p.5)

Blood and Thunder (p.31)

Newswatch (p.11)
International (29)

Walt Kelley (p.50)
Alan Moore Part III (p.78)
Maurice Sendak (p.94)

Rich Kreiner, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Waster” (p.37)
Kenneth Smith, “Pogophilia” (p.41)
Darcy Sullivan, “Kids at the Abyss” (p.43)
Leonard Rifas, “Comic Book Reflections on the Red Menace” (p.45)
Frank Young, “Cynical Ducks” (p.47)

Norman Hale, “Natural Foods” (p.59)
Bill Watterson, “Some Thoughts on Pogo” (p.63)
Steve Thompson, “A Walt Kelly Biography” (p.67)
Scott Russo, “Art for Artiness’ Sake” (p.86)

Gary Groth: Opening Shots, “Dear Dave: A Reply to Dave Sim” (p.3)
Robert Boyd: Swipe File (p.28)
Harvey Pekar: American Slander, “Serious Funnybooks” (p.109)
Jim Woodring: Hey, Kids! Comics! (p.111)

Walt Kelly Sketchbook (p.71)
Jim Engel Sketchbook (p.121)

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  1. agrume says:

    I’m a TCJ subscriber but can’t access this issue – I keep on going back to my profile. How do you make this work????

  2. Tim Hodler says:

    All questions about digital subscriptions and access to archives should be sent to

  3. Patrick Ford says:

    agrume, Give it another try. It worked for me just now.

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