The Comics Journal No. 109, July 1986

Featuring an interview with Howard Chaykin; a review of Dark Knight; Carter Scholz reviews Junk.

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Blood and Thunder (p. 31)
Patrick Daniel O’Neill and Christy Marx, “Censor/Censure” (p. 39)

Newswatch (p. 10)

Gary Groth, “I Have a Hard Time With Vigilantes: Howard Chaykin” (p. 70)

Richard S. McEnroe, “Dark Knight Debased” (p. 57)
Carter Scholz, “Apostles of Junk” (p. 59)
Rob Rodi, “Super Fascists, Absolute Evil, and Wild, Wild Women” (p. 64)
Steve Monaco, “First Issue Syndrome” (p. 67)
Tim Madigan, “Comic Epiphanies” (p. 68)

Rich Kreiner, “Opening Shots” (p. 7)
Heidi MacDonald, “Generally Speaking” (p. 43)

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One Response to The Comics Journal No. 109, July 1986

  1. Tara Avery says:

    Reprint! Reprint! This was a fabulous interview with Chaykin!

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