The Comics Journal No. 102, September 1985

Featuring an interview between Arn Saba and Hal Foster; an interview with Ray Zone; Dick Voll on the "Spaghetti and Meatball School of Design."

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Gary Groth, “Jon Sable’s Real People” (p. 7)

Blood and Thunder (p. 29)

Newswatch (p. 11)

Arn Saba, “Drawing Upon History: Arn Saba interviews Hal Foster” (p. 61)
Dale Luciano, “Tales of the Zomoid: Dale Luciano interviews Ray Zone” (p. 99)

Russell Freund, “Pardon Me, Your Stereotype is Showing” (p. 42)
Dale Luciano, “No Mainstream Comics Allowed” (p. 45)
Heidi MacDonald, “Funny Funnybooks” (p. 51)

Dick Voll, “The Spaghetti and Meatball School of Design” (p. 85)
Dale Luciano, “Newave Comic Survey” (p. 91)

R. Fiore, “Funnybook Roulette” (p. 36)
Bill Sherman, “Erosions and Exceptions: New Tales by an Old Hand” (p. 102)
Scott Edelman, “Ethics: A Never-Ending Battle” (p. 104)
Mike Barrier, “Viewpoint: Exaggerated Realism” (p. 107)
Deni Loubert, “Executive’s Forum: A Case for Reading” (p. 111)

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    How do I actually get to this to read.
    It just keeps sending me to profile update.

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    All questions about digital subscriptions and access to archives should be sent to

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