The Comics Journal No. 277, July 2006

Featuring interviews with Alex Toth, Donald Phelps, Jean-Christophe Menu, R. Kikuo Johnson, Chynna Clugston, Chris Onstad, Fred Gallagher, Mark Siegel, Chris Staros, Diana Schutz, Dallas Middaugh, and Joey Manley.

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Dirk Deppey, “Parting Shot” (p. 5)


Greg Stump and staff, Journal Datebook (p. 25)


Gary Groth, “A Conversation with Alex Toth” (p. 17)
Gary Groth, Donald Phelps Interview (p. 34)
Matthias Wivel, Jean-Christophe Menu (p. 144)
Gary Groth, R. Kikuo Johnson Interview (p. 176)
Kristy Valenti, Chynna Clugston Interview (p. 194)
Dirk Deppey, Chris Onstad Interview (p. 202)
Jim Roll, Fred Gallagher Interview (p. 210)
Michael Dean, Mark Siegel Interview (p. 218)
Michael Dean, Chris Staros Interview (p. 230)
Dirk Deppey, Diana Schutz Interview (p. 239)
Dirk Deppey, Dallas Middaugh Interview (p. 248)
Dirk Deppey, Joey Manley Interview (p. 258)


Jesse Hamm, “Alex Toth Dies at 78” (p. 8)
Howard Chaykin, “Alex Toth: An Appreciation and an Assessment” (p. 13)
Donald Phelps, “The Middle Depths” (p. 46)
Michael Dean, “Fine Young Cannibals” (p. 5)
Gary Groth, “Black and White and Dead All Over” (p. 60)
Dirk Deppey, “Suicide Club” (p. 67)
Michael T. Gilbert and Ken Quattro, “It Rhymes With Lust” (p. 78)
Kenneth Smith, “Time Out of Joint” (p. 266)

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  1. roberta says:

    I think i registered…but in typing “donald phelps” his name comes up on various articles But How do I get to read those articles.

    click click but no dice

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